With the cooperation of federal and all 50 state governments, we have the most accurate and timely Half-Staff Alert system available.  This is not an inexpensive program to operate. It takes 5 people, on a part-time basis, including weekends and holidays, to make sure we stay accurate. This is a free service for subscribers which is sponsored by American Flags Express.  Meet our staff below...

Thomas D'Amico - Director/Subscriber Security

Our Half-Staff Alerts program was started at the request of our American flag customers. With over 2200,000 Half-Staff Alert subscribers, accuracy, speed and security are top concerns. We never rent or sell subscriber names.  We treat our subscribers the same way we would want to be treated.

Karen Toussaint - Assistant Program Director

Karen is the detail person and backup. She has been part of the program since its inception.

James Zientek - Half-Staff Editor

James has a vested interest in accuracy since he is a patriotic Air Force veteran.  James is directly responsible for most of the Half-Staff Alert email content.

Nicole Loscuito - Half-Staff Researcher

Nicole helps maintain personal ties with Lieut. Governors across the country.  This is a time-consuming project, especially during election years.


Abby - Half-Staff Assistant Editor

Abby researches and answers subscriber questions.  Every email and phone call that we received is answered personally.


Mike Brenner - Half-Staff Assistant Editor

Newest to our staff since 2018, Mike is our social media guru. Look for his posts on our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts.